Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

Future: the one word that often brings me fear. The more I think about it, the more my thought travels far away to the unknown time and places. And I know it's not good for myself, just like one quote says: overthinking is what killing you.

The exact last year, I wouldn't have thought that today this year, would be a very sorrowful day of my life.

Yesterday my dad fell off the stairs in my mom's hometown with the head facing down. Thank God it wasn't a severe injury but still dad will have to go for more advance medical treatment to make sure if the inside part of his body is fine.

Meanwhile today northwise my place, around 7000 km far, there is a wedding ceremony going on. Two personalities are tying the knot to be faithful to each other until the end of time, uniting themselves in a holy bound named marriage.

7000 km southwise that wedding venue, I am here silently wishing the newly wed couple for a happy and long-last marriage life. May the journey of the marriage life fulfilled with love, joy, wealth, happyness, and also cute and healthy kids.

I know, starting from today, it's not going to be easy for me to go through this life bcoz everytime I look down to the deepest, lowest surface of my heart, I find myself crying helplessly. I am crying bcoz now I have to face this world by my own. I am crying bcoz I have lost the one whom I always share my thought and feeling to, my good morning and good night to, my i love you too to. Mere jaan, mere soniye.

Mein kya karu?

We are not living in a Bollywood movie. Life is real thus we have to move forward. The more I look down to the surface of my heart, the more selfish I be. But the more I look to my family, my parents and people who surround me with unconditional love, the more selfless I become.

And yeah that's the main point in life; the struggle to let go. Let the world move forward, let the time heal everything.

Closing lyrics: Tere Liye

... dil mein magar, jalte rehi, chaahat ke diye
tere liye, tere liye...

... but in my heart, the flame of love continues to burn
only for you, only for you...

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